Conditions of Sale

  1. The sale is strictly for cash with a charge of 18%. The highest bidder shall be the buyer.

  2. Collectors who are present at the auction, settle their account there and take their lots with them, will only pay 16% charges.

  3. The genuineness of the lots is guaranteed by the expert. In case of disagreement the coins must be returned within 8 days after receipt.

  4. The condition of the coins is indicated only as our personal, professional opinion.

  5. In case of disagreement on the final bid, the lot will be auctioned again.

  6. After each lot, the starting price is indicated. In most cases the real value is significantly higher.

  7. The written commissions will be executed carefully and without additional cost. The cost of postage and insurance will be charged to the buyers.

  8. The title to the lots only changes hands after they have been paid in full.

  9. All mail bids have to be made in Euros.

  10. If the starting price for gold or silver coins is lower then the melting value, it will be adapted.

  11. Furthermore, all normal auction regulations are valid. In case of a disagreement both parties will abide by the decision of the Antwerp court. Only the Dutch text is binding.