Written Bids Graphic

  1. When a mail bid arrives, it is stamped with the date that it was received and it is assigned a buyer's number.

  2. Mail bids have priority over bids in the house when the limit of the mail bid and the house bid are equal because the mail bid was received first in time.

  3. Lots are always started at the price indicated in the catalogue unless two or more competing mail bids have been received for the same lot. E.g.:
e.g., Lot No. 273
€ 50,-
Bids received:

Buyer number 631 bids
Buyer number 643 bids

€ 120,-
€ 75,-
  1. In this case when the lot is called, the bidding will start at € 80,-, -- or one bid higher than the next competing mail bid.

  2. If there is only one mail bid (e.g., Buyer number 631 bids € 120,- on Lot 273), the bidding will start at € 50,- and, if there are no bids from the house, Buyer 631 will have the lot at € 50,-- (plus, of course, the percentage.)

  3. If there are two identical mail bids and no competing, higher mail bid, the mail bid that was received the earliest will have priority.

  4. All mail bids are executed free of any additional charges and to the best of our ability. We are not, however, liable for any errors that might regretfully occur.


Mail bids can be sent by fax to our office until the day before the auction at 6:00 p.m. FAX: +32 (0)3 232 14 29.

During the viewing days, one can send a FAX to the Auction House Bernaerts until 6:00 p.m. the eve of the auction: +32 (0)3 248 15 93 (Attn. Van Alsenoy Muntenveiling.) We accept no responsibility for faxes sent after this time.